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Why Grassroots?

Because it gives you, the audience member, the power of a movie ticket in its purest form. You get to be part of a community of like-minded, forward-thinking individuals, feel good about how your money is spent, and see a film you genuinely want to see come to life. All thanks to you.

This is radically different than the conventional method where investors & distributors determine which films are made & marketed to a mass audience. That can produce some good results too, but it isn’t only one way to make great films.

For us, grassroots funding is also a beautiful concept because it serves two vital functions at the same time:

  1. It funds the film.
  2. It markets through word-of-mouth, thus creating the audience.

This allows us to keep production costs way down, so we can allocate all of the money raised to the film itself. Traditionally, an effective marketing campaign can consume up to 65% of a film's budget. That’s A LOT of money spent on posters, TV spots, promotional branding and cross marketing. We feel that money would be better spent on the film-making itself.

Grassroots funding for indie films is overdue.

We've all heard about grassroots movements that apply to political campaigns, charitable organizations or community projects. There is great wisdom, power and possibility within the community, although harnessing it requires a compelling idea, and a concerted effort to raise awareness of that idea. Never before in the history of film-making have the stars been so aligned for indie films to come true through the grassroots funding model.

Stunning advances in digital technology have allowed more film-makers access to MUCH higher quality equipment at MUCH lower costs. With more and more film-makers entering the fray, one can make the claim that the field is becoming more littered with amateurs, but that's not the big picture (not to mention jerky and mean-spirited). As more film-makers learn and practice their craft, competition intensifies and the bar rises. While channels of the Hollywood studio system are far too narrow to accomodate every deserving talent, the field of independent film-making provides an exciting platform for talented individuals to make their mark.


Check out this gorgeous footage shot with the RED ONE camera by the folks at A Bit of Magic. When the RED ONE was introduced in 2007, it offered the quality of a 35mm film camera for the cost of a high-end camcorder. Overnight, “digital” was no longer synonymous with lesser quality.

But there's rain on this parade. Even after a good indie film with well-known actors is made, unless an established distribution company deems the film likely to make a profit, it can easily wind up stuck the festival circuit, unable to make that leap to cinema houses or DVD sales.

Our grassroots approach, coupled with our particular pricing strategy, seeks to solve this hurdle.

And... who doesn’t like a bonus?!

To go one step further and ensure that you get the most bang for your buck, we are peeling back the curtain to give our supporters an inside perspective on all of the real-time decision making that goes into constructing a film. Check out the details here.



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