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Berlin, Germany --  The young American couple behind Jumper Cable Films is taking a revolutionary approach to film production with a new twist on grassroots fundraising. Although “community-funded” filmmaking is not an entirely new idea, Jumper Cable Films co-founder Sarah Morris believes the incentive of being a fly on the wall from pre- to post-production is what gives this project its exciting allure.

Once you buy a “ticket” you’ve joined a community of champions of the arts, film geeks, and plain old curious folks who can follow along the trials and triumphs of making a feature film. From managing a 300-line budget to castings to creative discussions with the Director, ticket holders will not only receive a digital copy of the film they’ve helped produce, they’ll get an exclusive, engaging inside view throughout read more here... 



For press inquiries, contact us at info@jumpercablefilms.com.

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