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In 2008, just six years after the Apocalypse, a lazy, cynical, conniving “hero” is called upon to track down a band of outsiders after they steal equipment essential to the survival of the world’s last known city.


Nuclear Wind Detection System


It's been six years since the Apocalypse of 2002. In the only known "city" where we begin our adventure, a government has been assembled - not based on merit, but on a first-come-first-served basis. Incompetence is widespread, allowing for such embarrassing decisions as naming the place New Topia.

Their Scientist-in-Chief, Julien Scwhinke, has designed a nuclear wind detection system that allows the good citizens of New Topia to work outdoors when radiation levels are low enough. With sacrifice and dedication, New Topians can make their ever-present slogan come true, to get society "back on track!"

Yet if there's one citizen who doesn't see the sparkle of hope in this abysmal society, it's Casey Kane (no, not the NASCAR driver). Jailed for secretly pimping his apartment with goods swiped from the Salvage Station, he just doesn't get why they should bother rebuilding the lifestyle that led to all this destruction in the first place. Not that he can be bothered to start a revolution, or even offer a solution to these jokers, but still... he just can't shake the feeling that human kind is kinda lame.

Then tragedy strikes New Topia. Their pathetic security is breached by outsiders, who steal the Nuclear Wind Detection System. Panic sets in among the vulnerable citizens as deadly nuclear winds could sweep across the city at any given moment, without warning.

The government is desperate. They must send someone into No Man's Land beyond the city walls to recover the precious device. But who?

Casey, the crafty and conniving thorn in their side, is the obvious choice.

After no small amount of whining, arguing - and yes, even sprinting from the call of duty - Casey is threatened with permanent exile unless he takes the job. With the utmost reluctance, Casey enters the wasteland beyond the city walls. His mission: to find a good excuse to give up and come back.

Casey sleuths along the criminal trail, fighting off the odd assortment of grissly nomads on his "quest." But before he's able to concoct an excuse good enough to sell back home, Casey stumbles upon the most unlikely culprits - a band of well-organized women known as the Tandas, who have staked out an impressive compound in the forest.



New Topian Gruel


Will Casey be able to penetrate their awe-inspiring defenses and recapture the Nuclear Wind Detection System? And even if he does, will he want to leave the dozens of intelligent, attractive women there and return to the crappy civilization of New Topia? Thousands of desperate people depend on him there, but hey, no one said post-apocalyptic life was fair.


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