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Ryan James (producer, writer) is a conservatory-trained actor and screenwriter from CalArts. In 2000, he moved to Europe on a one-way plane ticket with $100 and a Remington typewriter to stake his claim in the writing world. Some people called this "suicidal" but he likes to think of it as “gutsy.”

Since then, he's had four original feature-length screenplays produced, including  Jump starring Patrick Swayze. He's also acted in over 20 feature films including The Illusionist (Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti), Shanghai Knights (Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson), Running Scared  & Solomon Kane. Thanks to acting in dozens of commercials for global markets, he can boast of being the face of canned champagne in Japan, or speaking Czech (with a Scottish accent) while wearing a kilt in front of Loch Ness for T-Mobile, and much more. James is also the voice of the European Pendalino train system, in case you're ever pondering the view of the passing Austrian countryside and get that tingly, familiar feeling from the voice informing you of the next station.

Feel free to see more of his work on his website, or check out his IMDb page here.



The names and faces behind the ever-growing Jumper Cable team.

Ryan James discusses the origins of Onward, Amazing People!


Sarah Morris (producer, production designer ) is, by contrast to Ryan James, very practical. She has long resisted the call to become a career film-maker even though she beat out over 300 other films for Best Comedy in the first film festival she ever submitted her work to. During her year abroad at Charles University in Prague, she studied the works of great Czech film-makers like Jan Svankmajer and Milos Forman before working for a multinational luxury design company called Artel, where she honed her production and marketing skills to a terrifying sharpness. She's now back in the film-making game, investing her unique skills and design experience into Jumper Cable Films.

Being the daughter of a California recycling and environmental activist, the inherant and entertaining “green” overtones of Onward, Amazing People! was a large incentive in chosing this project.

Feel free to contact either of them directly...



And a very special thanks to our Amazing Producers!

Morgan Sowden (San Francisco, CA)
Kirk Kellier (Los Angeles, CA)
Karen Feldman (Prague, CZ)
Richard Gary III (New York, NY)
Brenda McMillan (Oxnard, CA)
James Babson (Los Angeles, CA)
Scott Williams (Prague, CZ)
James T Frazier (Broomfield, CO)
Gordon Truefitt (Prague, CZ)
Aurelie Shapiro (Washington, D.C.)




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