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HD Download of Film
V.I.P. Bunker
Production Videos
Producer Credit
Producer Credit on Film

HD Download of Film: A High Definition download of the final film, plus live footage of the premiere.

V.I.P. Bunker: Access to the V.I.P. Bunker, which includes:

  • The Forum - where you can meet the growing community of like-minded audience members, and engage the cast, crew, film buffs and professionals in the latest discussions on all aspects of Onward Amazing People! and its making.
  • Insider Reports - updates on current production status, upcoming contests, contest winners, vicious rumors and more...
  • "For the Historical Record" - A journal documenting the "Thoughts & Reflections on the Apocalypse" by Casey Kane. Get into the main character's head as he documents his experience of worldwide mayhem as it's happening.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Highlights during the course of production.

Production Videos: Insider videos documenting all aspects of the film-making process - director & DoP sessions, location scouting, balancing the budget, casting, etc. Unlike other "making-of" videos - those 60 minute special features buried in the menu of the DVD - we will present our making-of with an honest, fun, unique spin:

  • A Real Making-Of: We will shoot and show you behind-the-scenes footage on a regular basis during the course of production. Normally, "making-of" footage is shot until the end of production, then that footage is edited and presented in a nice little package that controls the point of view and is a PR bonus for the film. But we want to give you a real making-of during the production, where you can follow along the true thrills and chills - even when it doesn't make us look good.
  • With Funny, Awesome People: Okay, it totally helps that we're shooting a post-apocalyptic comedy instead of a gritty coming-of-age drama. As it benefits this particular film to have a team of the smartest and funniest people we can find, we're confident that this making-of will be populated with an inherently entertaining and compelling family of film-makers.

Producer Credit: Your name listed as a Producer on our Meet Us page, including a link to your personal website or business. This is nothing to sneeze at, unless you have a particular fetish for not being part of a cool thing and sneezing on a community of thousands.

Producer Credit on Film: Your name listed as Producer in the film's end credits. There will be 14 credits total, as having too many Producer credits waters down their value. NOTE = there are only 8 slots left at $500 - once these are filled, we will increase the price to newcomers in order to shut off the tap.


If you'd like to check out our budget to see where exactly where all the money is going, go here.



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